Money Round

A special competition comprised of a 10 exercise functional fitness circuit, featuring only TaMaarta G3 Athletes. These are women and men with demonstrated guts & grit, willing to grind for ONE MORE REP til there is no time on the clock.

Zero Registration Fees

Only thing it cost you, to compete in a Money Round, is some HEART. Got HEART?

Paid Participation

G3 Athletes are monetarily compensated for each Money Road they compete in.

Prize Money

Cash is always up for grabs during a Money Round, hence the name. Purse ranges between $100-1000.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Money Round Challenge is a functional fitness exercise circuit, usually consisting of 10 of the TaMaarta Core exercises.

Only G3 Athletes are eligible to compete and paid for their participation.

Cash 1st Prize Money established prior to event start, min $100 and max $1000.

Athletes will go head to head to complete as many repetitions of a chosen TaMaarta Core exercise as possible within 60 seconds. Each round is followed by a 120 second rest which will allow for the athletes to prepare for the next exercise.

An athlete’s score for each round is the total number of reps he or she is able to achieve within the allotted time. The athlete achieving the most reps in this head to head round will earn one additional point to be used in the case a tie breaker is required later in the competition.

No, there are no application or registration fees to compete in Money Round competitions. G3 Athletes are responsible for any expenses for preparing for competition and getting to competitions.

G3 Athletes who successfully compete in and complete a Money Round Challenge will receive $50-$100, known as the Athlete Competition Fee (ACF). The specific ACF amount will be determine on an event by event basis. The ACF will be specified in the Athlete’s Event invitation.

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