Frequently Asked Questions

TaMaarta has some similarities to other modes of training and competition. However, our approach is different. You may wonder how so, and in what ways. Here are some of the questions others have asked.  

TaMaarta is 1. an exercise and training protocol that has a foundation of High Intensity Interval Training commonly known has HiiT, encourages physical and mental strength and endurance without steroid-use or weight loss gimmicks. 2. healthy competition (combines and physique competitions). 3. use of energy in way to stimulate and sustain growth and health.

TaMaarta comes from the African somali word that means energy. The concept of TaMaarta is the cultivation, transformation, and application of energy to nourish, sculpt and utilize our bodies to optimize the functionality and encourage a healthy and natural lifestyle.

HaHa. We get that question or comparison a lot. And while there may seem to be some similarities, TaMaarta is not a CrossFit company. TaMaarta is an original concept based on functional fitness while utilizing the entire body. No Olympic lifts here. Just a whole lot of fun while sculpting your physique.

  • TaMaarta brings together the energy and physical endurance of High Intensity Interval Training and pairs it with the Stage Presentation that is commonly seen in pageants and bodybuilding shows.
  • A meet or charity invitational has two parts: Phase I is comprised of completion of ten physical exercise. For each exercise, the objective is to complete as many reps in 60 seconds. Phase II is made up of Stage Presentation rounds, a comparison round with athletes performing mandatory poses and an individual round with athletes performing a 60 second posing routine. Athletes final score is a total of both phases with Phase I weighing more. This makes the overall scoring and subsequent placing more objective and fair for athletes.
  • A challenge, such as a TM10 Challenge, Half Challenge, Special Challenge is a competition that is Phase I only and can consist of all ten exercises or a lesser number.

TaMaarta is a community driven organization and welcomes participation from athletes 7 years old and up from any country.

No membership is required.

TaMaarta Athletic Association promotes a steroid free environment. Athletes who have used any substance on the TaMaarta Prohibited Substance List within the last twenty-four months are ineligible for placings, ranking, awards, and/or prize money.

Please review the TaMaarta Prohibited Substance List here.

TaMaarta Athletic Association (“TAA”) strives to offer a healthy and positive experience for all athletes, staff, and spectators. We strive to provide a discrimination free atmosphere.
  • Choose a contest in which you desire to participate.
  • Complete the membership form if you are not a current member of the TaMaarta Athletic Association, then proceed to the event page it will contain all of the details for the event.
  • Click on the Athlete registration tab and complete the registration form.
  • You will receive a confirmation email advising you of pertinent information pertaining to your event.
  • The Athlete Meeting and Checkin will be the same day as the event approximately an hour and a half before the competition start time.
    TAA staff are available to answer your questions during the event.

Press Passes may be applied for at contact at

HEALTH – Your body is built to move. TaMaarta rewards building functional muscle by including fitness challenges based on High Intensity Interval Training.

COMMUNITY – Every individual, competitor or not, needs a support system. You can’t take them on stage with you, but with TaMaarta ‘s Community Engagement initiatives they can come along for the rest of the ride.

SKILL – TaMaarta promotes precision. The skill to train, nourish, and perform precisely without unnatural supplements. That’s what it really takes. That’s Healthy Competition.

ACCESSIBILITY – Fitness is for everyone. By shifting the focus away from pure aesthetics and the heavy reliance on gym grade equipment to get into shape, TaMaarta is opening the gates of what it means to compete.

TaMaarta is dedicated to fostering a drug-free competitive environment.

When members compete, they accept the TaMaarta Drug Free Policy which states that they agree to periodic drug testing at the discretion of the governing body. Competitors accept this policy at the time of applying for TaMaarta membership, as well as re-affirming this via signature on an affidavit at their first show.

The TaMaarta Drug Free Policy (TDFP) stipulates that members have not used any of the items on the Prohibited Substance List within the immediate 24 months proceeding their application to become a member and that they agree to be tested via polygraph and/or urinalysis at any time. TaMaarta is liable for the cost of a first test, but if an athlete tests positive for any banned substance and requests more testing, all subsequent tests will be at his or her expense.

Athletes found non-compliant of the TDFP or who choose not to retest after an initial positive test will be required to pay back any prize money awarded, return all tokens of their wins including trophies, ribbons, and other awards, and pay a fine of $1000. Failure to comply with this policy may result in a fraud complaint filed with the athlete’s local authorities.

Attempts to manipulate TaMaarta policies are taken incredibly seriously.

NO. Cannibis or CBDs are not part of our testing.