Our Dedication to
Drug-Free Fitness

Our Drug Free Policy

TaMaarta is dedicated to fostering a drug-free competitive environment.

When members compete, they accept the TaMaarta Drug Free Policy which states that they agree to periodic drug testing at the discretion of the governing body. Competitors accept this policy at the time of applying for TaMaarta membership, as well as re-affirming this via signature on an affidavit at their first show.

The TaMaarta Drug Free Policy (TDFP) stipulates that members have not used any of the items on the Prohibited Substance List within the immediate 24 months proceeding their application to become a member and that they agree to be tested via polygraph and/or urinalysis at any time. TaMaarta is liable for the cost of a first test, but if an athlete tests positive for any banned substance and requests more testing, all subsequent tests will be at his or her expense.
Athletes found non-compliant of the TDFP or who choose not to retest after an initial positive test will be required to pay back any prize money awarded, return all tokens of their wins including trophies, ribbons, and other awards, and pay a fine of $1000. Failure to comply with this policy may result in a fraud complaint filed with the athlete’s local authorities.

Attempts to manipulate TaMaarta policies are taken incredibly seriously.

Transitioning to Drug Free

Committed Competitors
In the spirit of inclusion, athletes who do not meet the criteria stipulated in the TDFP are eligible to compete in meets, but their scores will not be included in leaderboards and they will be excluded from the awards benefits of memberships, including trophies and cash prizes.
Upon meeting the 24 month criteria stipulated in the TDFP, these competitors will become eligible for full membership rights.