Diva Model

Diva Model

This is a secondary division. Final score and placing is based upon Phase 2 scoring only.

The main attributes of the Diva Model are “Attitude” and “Self-Expression.” It’s for women who want to go “all out.” Its where Fitness Athlete meets Vegas Show Girl. Judges are looking to see if the athlete has the generally accepted “look” that a health or fitness magazine would be interested in; how marketable would the athlete be for magazine publication or advertisement campaigns for fitness related businesses; how creative the athlete is in their presentation and in their theme wear. Athletes are to present elaborate costumes that may include head pieces, angels wings, athletic team or sports wear or combination of any of the above listed.

“Fit,” “exciting,” “marketable,” “sporty,” and “glamorous” are some of the words that could be used to describe the ideal Fitness Diva Model athlete. The physique for this category could fall anywhere on the continuum from Bikini, Women’s Swimwear, Figure to Women’s Sculpting. Therefore, women from all of the aforementioned categories are welcome to crossover into this division. The emphasis of this division is on commanding stage presentation and overall theme wear choice.


Judging Criteria

Stage Presentation

Stage Presentation is a measurement of how well the competitor presents herself and displays her physique on stage, as well as adherence to TaMaarta posing standards. Judging Officials are looking for athletes to showcase command of the stage, presence and poise, and the ability to convey personality to audience members. Athletes should be able to quickly and smoothly transition between poses.
Creativity is the use of the athlete’s imagination, original idea, or unique interpretation of a classic theme via the choice of attire or posing presentation that is fun and entertaining, while highlighting the competitor’s athleticism and functional fitness.

Overall Appearance

To Be Updated


Mastery and presentation of mandatory poses, stage presence, connection with judges and audience.



Available to all competitors in the division.


Open to athletes from 18-39 years of age.

40 Plus

Open to athletes 40 years of age or older.


Open to division athletes whose attire is Vegas Show Girl Themed.
Open to division athletes whose attire is Sports or Costume Themed.

Mandatory Poses

  • Front Pose - The front stance should be performed with one hand on a hip with the opposite hip and leg extended outward. Hip can be slightly twisted to the side, but competitors should be careful not to be overly twisted so the judges are unable to see their number.
  • Rear Pose - The rear stance should be performed with one hand on a hip with the opposite hip and leg extended outward. Legs must not be crossed in the rear pose. Athlete must not bend over when performing the rear pose.
  • Side Pose - The side poses are flexible and competitors should use the stances they feel display their physiques in the most favorable manner. Feet may be together or one may be slightly in front of the other; one or both knees may be straight or bent; hands may be at the side or one or both may be on the hip. Athletes may twist at the waist to turn their upper torso toward the judges. Poses should be fairly relaxed and athletes should not appear to be flexing.
  • Note: Athletes, who are overly suggestive, bent over in their rear stance or not following other TaMaarta posing standards may, at the discretion of the Head Judge, be corrected. If the athlete fails to adjust when corrected, judging officials are instructed to address this in their scoring. Failure to comply withTaMaarta posing standards will result in a lower scoring in the stage presentation criteria. This applies to class comparisons, as well as individual presentations.


Fitness Diva Model division encourages creativity amongst the athletes. Athletes have more freedom of choice in attire. Vegas Showgirl, Sports, Costumed Themes, Pool Side Swimwear Click to see examples of Fitness Diva Model attire.. Posing attire may be of any color, pattern, and style. Attire must cover at 30% of the glutes. Posing attire should be in good taste; no thongs/T-back bottoms will be permitted. TaMaarta Officials reserve the right to disqualify an athlete from competing in a specific competition if their suit is inappropriate. Athletes are advised to have their suits pre-approved by sending in images of themselves in the suit to the TaMaarta Head Judge. Jewelry and hair ornaments will be allowed during all rounds of judging. Props may be used at any time during competition/judging of Fitness Diva Model division. Athletes’ numbers will be worn on front left hip and rear middle of their suit.


Women’s Sculpting, Women’s Swimwear, Figure, and Bikini athletes may all crossover into the Fitness Diva Model.

Competition Tans

All tanning must be performed by the approved Tanning Provider. Self-tanning or tans by unapproved third party tanning providers are NOT allowed. Competitors will NOT be allowed on stage with unapproved tans.

Phase 2 Stage Presentation and Scoring

Comparison Rounds By Classes:
0.0 – 10 points Symmetry & Proportion
0.0 – 10 points Conditioning & Leanness
0.0 – 10 points Overall Appearance (Hair, Make-Up, Suit, Skin Tone)
0.0 – 10 points Presentation (Poise, Posing, Posture, Stage Presence)

Individual Presentation – 60 second routine:
0.0 – 20 points Overall Appearance (Hair, Make-Up, Suit, Skin Tone)
0.0 – 20 points Presentation (Poise, Posing, Posture, Stage Presence, Creativity)

Results & Placing, Pro Status, and Prize Money

*Results and Placings for this division are based on both Phase 1 (10 Exercise Circuit) and Phase 2 (Stage Presentation) combined scores by class.
*TaMaarta Elite Status is awarded, pending successful urinalysis, to the First Place athlete in an Open class that has a minimum of five (5) athletes.
*TaMaarta Masters Elite Status is awarded, pending successful urinalysis to the First Place athlete in a Masters class that has a minimum of ten (10) athletes.
*This division becomes a Prize Money Incentivized division when there are ten (10) or more athletes competing in the Open class. The First Place athlete will receive, pending successful urinalysis, a $1000 prize.